japanese Seitai PAIN therapy

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Siem Reap   cambodia

since  2010

Everybody in

dear Phnom Penh!

The Seitai is Manipulative Treatment the Japanese style.

The twist of body is improved naturally.

>removes stress of body and mind.

>becomes active the metabolism.

>stabilize the hormonal balance.

>improves the autoimmune system.

Method of Seitai has ...

Japanese Acupressure,(Shiatsu)

Chinese Meridian, Clinical massage,

and joint mobility adjustment too...

It’s a professional manual therapy.

It's effective in chronic pain!

The Seitai is about $60 in Japan.

I made it half price.

Please try to experience.

If you have a cause of worry ...

The japanese Seitai reduces it !

jpseitai. web.fc 2.com

jpseitai @ gmail .commailto:jpseitai@gmail.commailto:jpseitai@gmail.com?subject=shapeimage_2_link_0

Note :

In Japan, due to differences in legal systems, chiropractor is not a doctor.

Therapist or chiropractor is the qualification of the organization approved.

There is no qualification to the prescription to apply for insurance.

Bone fracture.  Bone dislocation.

Whiplash injury immediately after the accident.

These cases I suggest the medical examination at the hospital.

A touch of a cold. After delivery 3 months. Affected area has inflammation...

These cases can't be therapy.    Please understand it beforehand.

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Shiatsu style

japanese massage


Waist shoulder back pain

Tonle Bassac  Chamkarmon

Tonle Bassac  Chamkarmon

Please make a booking  > 017-994-355

AM 11:00 ~ PM 20:00 (Please call at least PM 19:00)

House No2 (※Roadside House No7) Street 63

(Across the Mao Tse Toung Blvd. Past the New York steak house. Opposite White Christ Church)

Tonle Bassac Chamkarmon Phnom Penh.




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